Thursday, December 13, 2007

Some Things that Will Remain Vague Until They Become Clear to Me

Yes, down here. I was thinking about what to write and trying not to be false about it. But I am doing it anyway as you have already seen. I am using the excuse that I cannot help it. So, fine.
Really engaging with the real everyday concrete world makes my eyes hum.
Sometimes my vision focuses so sharply that I can almost see through trees and cinder blocks and automobiles; but still never human beings.
My eyes involuntarily avert from the human face.
Imagining myself as the object of the gaze of another makes my heart beat furiously so I can hear my heartbeat on my own breath.
My dog has a lot of extra skin, so I often call him Dermis instead of his actual name. And sometimes he answers by looking at me.
I wonder if I wonder too much.
Laughter is also viewed as a sign of madness.
Today I am going to watch a film about Slavoj Zizek. Yesterday I watched and liked very much a film by Jean-Luc Godard. I watched it because Christopher Higgs mentioned it on his blog, where he posts about all kinds of films and artists and etc. I really enjoy Chris's blog. And soon I am going to watch every David Lynch film I can find, such as: Lost Highway, Fire Walk With Me, and the Twin Peaks series. I am excited to watch those things. I like the Lost Highway soundtrack a lot. I am open to suggestions. Please suggest things.
The average temperature here is going to be around 30 degrees all week, getting down into the low 20's at night. I hate the cold.
I put up some Christmas decorations yesterday: a small fiber optic tree, a munchkin-sized snowman wearing a floppy red hat and other clothes, and a long lighted garland type deal along the steps coming into the living room. I did not feel stupid or angry while doing this.
When I drive at dusk, when the sun has gone down and the horizon is still a little orange and yellow and blue, I look at the bare trees in sharp contrast against the sky and I imagine that the trees are bronchioles and we live inside a lung.
While googling "parts of a lung" I found the following paragraph, which is an abstract for an article entitled "Acoustic Properties of the Human Chest" in a scholarly journal called Acoustical Physics, and it struck me as a fine example of how technical language can be beautiful.

Abstract: A cross-spectral method for determining the longitudinal velocity of sound in the tissues of a human chest in vivo is proposed and substantiated. The method is based on the detection of a percussion stroke by two acoustic sensors positioned over opposite parts of a lung. Statistical estimates are obtained for the longitudinal velocity of sound in chest tissues (the middle part of the right lung) from a group of three men (40–47 years old) without any evident lung disorders in the frequency ranges of 80–130, 170–290, and 350–500 Hz. The adequacy of the double-resonance acoustic model of the human respiratory tract, which combines the resonance of the air volume in the human chest and the wave resonances of the bronchial tree as a narrow pipe, is experimentally verified.
Translated from Akusticheski Zhurnal, Vol. 51, No. 4, 2005, pp. 483–487.
Original Russian Text Copyright © 2005 by Korenbaum, Tagil’tsev.

I often find philosophical language full of music and beauty. In his book entitled The Step Not Beyond, Maurice Blanchot describes the self as a "canonic abbreviation." That phrase is still with me.
I think that my state of mind today will find beauty in almost anything.
Snow is not falling right now.
Tomorrow will be different.


chris said...

I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed Masculin Feminin! And if the doc you're going to watch about Zizek is the one called Zizek! then you are in for another treat!


great post. you just made me want to write about david lynch some more. i wish i could be in your shoes embarking.

Josh Maday said...

Masculin Feminin was great, Chris. Thanks for blogging about it. I've got everything else of Godard's queued at Netflix, but I'm still going to get the Godard box set that's coming out in February. Yes, Zizek! is the one. I enjoyed Derrida, too. I wish such a documentary existed for Baudrillard. It's hard to state how excited I am to watch all of these films and docs without hyperbole. I really am enjoying the art you're posting, too. Emmanuel Polanco's work is fantastic; I wish I could discuss it coherently.

Thanks, Blake. Your writing about David Lynch as per the piece at Titular is excellent, and, impressively, it bears your mark and not that of an imitator. I am excited about the book and film experiences I have awaiting me in David Lynch, Godard, Cormac McCarthy, William H. Gass, David Markson, John Hawkes, and so so many others. I need more time and energy in order to consume. I want to gorge on it all immediately and yet I want to enjoy it for the first time every time. Are binge and savor are exclusive of each other?

Jeff Vande Zande said...

To keep it real, admit that you also watched Project Runway yesterday.

Josh Maday said...

Yes, I watched Project Runway yesterday, which was the first episode I've seen. It was interesting how the designers could work so well with such limited time and material. Good call, Jeff.

Anonymous said...

zizek is sexy

Josh Maday said...

Zizek is sexy. Right now I am imagining Zizek saying this.

Chris was right, this documentary was great. It's rare for me to watch something and then want to start at the beginning again as soon as it is finished.

julie said...

I've heard that David Lynch is building a film studio in Lodz (pronounced woodge), Poland, a grungy industrial city not far from where I live. This makes me want to move to Lodz. I've heard that some characters in his latest movie - Inland Empire - speak Polish. I'm trying to stifle my tendency of finding coincidences in things like these.

Josh Maday said...

That's awesome, Julie. You have to report anything you find out about this. Maybe you can find some old props out by the curb. I know at least one guy who'd do almost anything to have a piece of Lynchian history. Keep me posted, Julie!

julie said...

Okay, Josh. Hey, do you think David Lynch watches Project Runway?

Josh Maday said...

You know, I think he might watch Project Runway. Yeah, definitely he does.