Monday, December 3, 2007

Line Rehearsal Dinner

Right now I am dismantling your eyes from the inside out.
You could take my shoes if you wanted to.
I ran a batch of vomit through my Coffeemate this morning and it tasted remarkably like a McCafe specialty coffee.
I was happy once.
My ability to speak decays more every day alongside a thriving need to express.
Sometimes my mind breaks and collapses into itself.
Sometimes is equal to or greater than always.
Mathematics causes feces to drain from my tear ducts, which stains my eyes, which is why I am taking yours apart and plundering and purloining the pieces.
I don't care if you
Ten days ago I won an everlasting life on Wheel of Fortune for solving a puzzle in the Before & After category. I gave it to a crippled child in the audience and that was when the crowd turned against me.
I can never get the lines and images quite right.
The hearse broke down halfway to the cemetery. When the other hearse arrived the coffin was transferred and the procession continued on to the burial site.
I knew a girl with lick lips, and teeth like pieces of gum, but not chiclets; Bubble Tape, I think it was.
Moot points aren't really points is what I'm thinking. Sort of like a pointed baseball. It's really the force of it that cuts your skin, not how sharp it is.
It's not supposed to make sense; sometimes getting a reaction, evoking something is enough.
I was just informed not to be abstract because some people are offended by abstract thinking and speaking, and using abstractions or even the word abstraction is a bigoted act of meanful hate-spirited violence against concretion as well as lovers and practitioners thereof.



Please accept this gift, a souvenir.


Bullshit is bullshit is bullshit.

[Or something like that]

I heat oil in a pan and drop dead flies from the window sills in and watch them hiss and pop and hiss, and I pretend they are special dancing flies that are happy I am home again.


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julie said...

Woah, this post got you a very special comment in Portuguese!

Josh Maday said...

Cool. The Portugese comment feels appropriate. I will keep it even though I do not understand the words.

CM said...

Josh, this rocks.

Jeff Vande Zande said...


I cut and pasted your portugese comments into Babelfish -- on online translator. Here's what I got; sorry, but it looks like an advertisement, my friend.

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Josh Maday said...

Thanks, CM. I like your poems live at Opium right now. Glad to see you're getting them out there.

I appreciate your investigation, Jeff. I knew it was an advertisement/spam comment with all those links to the same place (plus I clicked on one just to see), but I just didn't feel like deleting it. Plus, like Julie said, it's in Portugese. Thanks for turning my eye to Babelfish, though; I hadn't heard of it before. I figured a long unreadable comment full of bs links was ironically appropriate, though I may have been the only one to feel that way. But then I find irony in many things.

Jeff Vande Zande said...

Hey Josh,

Yes, Babelfish is pretty cool -- though I've been told by a Delta Spanish professor that Babelfish varies in accuracy from 60% to 80%.

I could have used Babelfish when I was reading The Magic Mountain and Mann switched to French for 30 pages.


julie said...

I also thought the spam comment was ironic, especially since it's in Portuguese.