Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Intention and Actuality, or What I Was Going to Do and What I Really Did

I was going to begin this post by saying that things are a little too smarty-pantsy around here and then proceed to rattle off (or more likely copy and paste) some really fun dick and fart jokes, and then I was going to hide, just below the bottom of most computer screens, a really dry article or dissertation on the causation debate covering the years 1637-1739, and maybe some definitions of obscure words, too. But I decided against that and opted to go expository and save everyone a little time. It's the holidays.


Jeff Vande Zande said...

I like smarty-pantsy, mister.

Things are well, here. I've started my screenplay (What an odd way to write!).

And, I still have my sinus infection. Must be the holidays. This mucous is the gift that keeps on giving.

Hey, how about that countertop estimate.

Josh Maday said...

Come on now, you're just trying to make me feel better.

I look forward to seeing this screenplay.

What's it been, three months with the sinuses? I'd have lost my mind by now.