Monday, October 8, 2007

What Was Going to be MetaNews, but Quickly Became a Few Rambling Paragraphs Centered Around Tao Lin

No news lately.

I read some of Tao Lin's blog today. He seems like a funny guy. He is a funny writer, at least. I like his deadpan sarcastic tone. I sense that Tao Lin's MO is irony: meaning: he both means and does not mean what he writes/says. His tone feels both funny and serious at once. I will probably buy one of his books soon. That should make him happy for a moment. Hopefully it will make me happy for a moment, too. If I only choose one, Tao Lin says I should buy Bed rather than Eeeee Eee Eeee. I will buy Bed. I hope Tao Lin says I should win the lotto if I am choosing to win or not to win the lotto. Tao Lin is an iceberg of intelligence: he will broadside you and you will sink. Many people will die.

Tao Lin reassures me that irony is not dead.

I want to ask Tao Lin many questions, and I also want him to answer those questions. Someday I will interview Tao Lin. Maybe I will write his biography. In that case, I will not interview Tao Lin. I will not read any of his books, nor will I research his actual life. Instead, I will write what I imagine Tao Lin's life has been like and what it will be. You will find my biography of Tao Lin in the Creative Non-Fiction, American History, Self-Help, Poetry, and Philosophy sections at your local bookstore. Coming soon.

I am trying deadpan sentences, as you may be able to tell if you've read Tao Lin's voice on the internet. Maybe deadpan is not the word for it. Maybe "simple sentences" is more accurate. But simple in the manner of Hemingway. Hence the "Tao Lin is an iceberg of intelligence." I think he will like that sentence. Unless he does not like Hemingway's writing or Hemingway himself. Then maybe he won't. I don't know. I'm not concerned with that. Not right now.

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Jon MetaNews said...

"Tao Lin is an iceberg of intelligence."
I like it. Simple is the way to go IMO. metanews is how I found this. Thanks