Sunday, September 30, 2007

Proposed Paper Topics:

"The Wearing of Pink Shirts Among Male American Adolescents: The New Yellow Happy Face or The Advent of the Blank Pink Smirk?"

"The Art of the Name Drop: Discovering the Psycho-Theological Foundations of One of the Oldest, Most Powerful, and Most Universally Utilized and Recognized Human Social Functions"

"Computers, Politics, Career Building, Neurological Structure, and Above-Ground Acrobatics: An Exhausting [sic] Study of Every Sense of the Word Networking"

"Stephen Dedalus: Genius or Jerk Off?"

"The Internet as a Global Cum Swap of Information"

"Article Noun Noun Colon Article Adjective Noun Preposition Adverb Noun Preposition Article Noun"

"Smiling as an Act of Aggression"

"Seriously, What's the Story on Death and Irony and the Commingling of the Twain?"


julie said...

My vote goes for the Name Drop. I'd personally like to read about the difference in effectiveness between blatant name dropping and thinly-veiled name dropping. I mean, some people like to cut through the crap and others don't. What is it that distinguishes these two types of personalities? Nature or nurture? And I want to read some statistics and demographics, Josh. To hell with the paper, write a book.

Jeff Vande Zande said...
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Jeff Vande Zande said...

Yes, Julie, yes . . . what you're saying reminds me of a conversation I was having with Ander Monson . . . or, no, was it Jim Harrison . . . or maybe Francine Prose . . . oh, I don't know who (there are so many who speak to me), but they were saying something very similar to what you're saying. Although, we were saying it much more importantly -- and people were noticing us. They walked by and called out our names back to us, and it was beautiful.

julie said...

Oh my GOD, Jeff! You've met Jim Harrison?

Josh Maday said...

Thanks for voting, Julie. Excellent questions, too. I foresee the Name Drop study going on for many volumes.

Jeff, I appreciate your supplying a classic example of the highly effective practice of the name drop. With your permission, I would like to incorporate it into the book.

As you both know, I enjoy a good healthy name drop at least once a day. Highly recommended.

Jeff Vande Zande said...

Julie, of course I've met Jim Harrison. Haven't you? I think Jim Daniels introduced us . . . or was it Charles Baxter . . . Hmm.
I get lost in all the people and names that I know.

And yes, Josh, you have permission to use anything I write here in your book. Just cite me. My name that is. Drop it . . . right in your book. I'll touch myself when I see it there in print.

julie said...

Uh, no, Jeff, I haven't met Jim Harrison. But should I admit that publicly or will it irrevocably tarnish my carefully coiffed image? What's the proper etiquette here, Josh? I have, however, met both you (however briefly) and JOSH MADAY.

Josh Maday said...

Thanks, Jeff. I'm going to keep that in my pocket for later.

Julie, your public image is ruined after an admission like that. I really don't know what the etiquette is (hopefully I'll learn while writing the book). I do know that whatever you do, nod and smile and say, "Yeah, yeah, absolutely." That seems to work most of the time.