Friday, September 28, 2007

NANO Fiction

The second print issue of NANO Fiction, a journal of very short writing out of the University of Houston, is now available for pre-order. A piece of me entitled "Gipetto's Sin" is now live on their website and will appear in this issue along with work by Blake Butler, Amy Holwerda, and others I'm sure; I just don't know who yet. It's a surprise.

The wonderfully fun and friendly editors are at this very moment reading work up to 300 words in length, girth, and depth, as well as looking at and thinking about artwork for Volume 2, Issue 1. Go ahead.

And if you're not going to submit, subscribe, or snatch up the next issue, then at least go read the free stuff. Arbiter says.



nice'n, josh. i am looking forward to the issue. it should be dope.

Matt said...

Congrats, Josh-- I'm looking forward to checking out the issue.

Josh Maday said...

Thanks, fellers. I eagerly anticipate this issue as well. Should indeed be dope.