Thursday, September 6, 2007

Just Make a Lot of Words

Well, it's time to post something new in order to keep traffic flowing. Today's Special is a collage of brilliant patches of light. Let us begin.

Arbiter Says: Check out the podcast interview with Roger Norman Morris on the Writing Show discussing his novel A Gentle Axe, which has garnered high praise from review institutions such as the New York Times Book Review. RN Morris even has trailers for his books. Here's the trailer for the Axe. From one Dostoevsky fan to another: congratulations, Mr. Morris, on all your success. I'm slapping around an idea for a sequel to Notes from Underground. What do you think?

Also: congratulations to Matt Bell for being selected as a finalist for the Storyglossia 2007 Fiction Prize by editor extraordinaire Steven J. McDermott.

Out and about: conspire with me and go see Blake Butler's "Insomnia Door" in DIAGRAM 7.4. Blake Butler once wrote, "traffic comes from words. just make a lot of words." And I firmly believe that.

Finally, thanks to my good friend Jeff Vande Zande for the bottle of port wine. It (and many more) will certainly come in handy while we read Ulysses. And for the record, this will be the second time this year Jeff has read it. I'm looking forward to many fine discussions about Bloom and Dedalus. Since those discussions will not be made public for many years, you should check out Jeff's excellent debut novel Into the Desperate Country.

Now, go, dear reader, click the links, read the words, imbibe them.



Roger Morris said...

Hi Josh, thanks so much for the mention, I really appreciate it. I'm glad you enjoyed the interview.

Sequel to Notes from the Underground? Not if I get there first!

Josh Maday said...

No problem, Roger. It's exciting to see Dostoevsky so successfully reinvested into the cultural currency. Congrats again, bloke.


;) thanks josh. you make good words.